An integrated SDMX framework for Django

Fiesta aims to be an integrated SDMX framework that performs all processes during the production and dissemination cycle.

Developing features:

  • Generation of database classes to store SDMX metadata artefacts in almost any database server
  • Abstract database classes that can be inherited to build database classed to store SDMX domain specific data
  • Parser classes to parse SDMX data and metadata
  • Renderer classes to render SDMX dataset objects into SDMX data formats
  • Utilities to convert SDMX data to different formats
  • Structure specific schema generation based on data structure definitions
  • RESTful API to disseminate SDMX data as well as registry interface services
  • Abstract framework to develop domain-specific SDMX applications

Using Fiesta

All you need to start developing a Fiesta project.

The Oscar open-source project

Learn about the ideas behind Oscar and how you can contribute.

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